This Year's Theme


Volume 40, Authenticity

I fought violently for the autonomy of architecture. It's a very passive, weak profession where people deliver a service. You want a blue door, you get a blue door. You want it to look neo-Spanish, you get neo-Spanish. Architecture with any authenticity represents resistance. Resistance is a good thing.
—Thom Mayne   


Great artists and architects prioritize their vision above other factors, and this seems to elevate a simple idea into a powerful experience. Embedded into this type of work is the creator’s authenticity. But working this way means resisting the easy way out of a problem. It’s doing everything in your power to do what you believe is right.

Why do you prioritize your vision and the authenticity of your work, and how do you continuously embody this into what you produce?


Download PDF of theme statement (193 KB)


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