Volume 4, 1982
Architecture Old and New

Kelly Kerns, Editor
Thomas Waggoner, Assistant Editor

Architecture: Compositions for Living
Robert Geddes

A Memorial to Those Who Fought in the War Everyone Wants to Forget
David H. Bell

Classicism and Romanticism in Finnish Architecture
William C. Miller

Tod Williams and Ricardo Scofidio

Preservation and Design
Richard W. Longstreth

Mergenthaler Linotype Building
Kenneth A. Schroeder

The Roger T. Sermon Community Center
Midgley Shaughnessy Fickel and Scott Architects Inc.

The Restoration and Renovation of the Saint Louis Post Office/Custom House
Thompson Nelson

The Anti-Cruelty Society
Stanley Tigerman

An Addition to the Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral
Abend Singleton Associates Incorporated

Infill Housing: A Design for Savannah's Victorian District
Bob Burnham

Rehabilitation of Ellis Island as a Public Park and Museum
Susana Torre

Staley: The Rural Village as a Mode of Urban Growth
Various Authors

A Museum of Modern Art
Shelley Smith

Urban Housing
Walter J. Daniels

Chicago Row Housing
Bryan Sechrist

International Research Center for Centro di Architettura "Andrea Palladio"
Dan Shepperd

A Firehouse for Lexington, Missouri
Ken Swihart

Railroad Terminal: Kansas City, Missouri
Jim Locashio

A Theatre: Jekylll Island, Georgia
Dixie Roberts Junk

76 pages, black & white, color illustrations. Out of print.
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