Volume 9, 1987
Beyond Complacency

Craig Schultz and Kathy Troutfetter, Editors

Capturing Architecture in Words
Coop Himmelblau

Towards Building the Unbuildable
Peter Corrigan

Sixth Street Residence

The Indigent as King
Eric Owen Moss

Architecture in the Age of Spatial Dissolution
Douglas Darden

Architecture as the Inversion of Architecture
James Wines

Being in Place
Bob Burnham

Cary Gampher

Chiat Day Offices
Frank O. Gehry

The Calligraphy of the Plan
Zaha Hadid

Energies of Spaces In-Between
Clas D. Steinmann

The Order of Chaos
Lori Shields

218 Delaware
I.A. Design Five Studio

Architecture and Social Vision
Tom Fisher

On the Controversy of Classicism
Edwin Chan

On Becoming a Modern Architect:
Eero Saarinen's Early Work 1928–1948

Peter Papademetriou

Robert Mangurian

Silent Narrative
Raymond Streeter

The 1986 Tile Competition
Design Five Studio

76 pages, black & white, color illustrations. Out of print.
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