Volume 11, 1989
The Myths of Metropolis

John Freshnock, Editor

Modern Pastoralism and the Middle Landscape
Peter G. Rowe

Planning and Elaboration
Royce M. Earnest

The Impact of the Car on American Urban Form
Richard Pohlman

In Search of the City
Helen Maib

The Sacred Garden Verses the City of Man
Stanley Tigerman

Form and Content
David Walters

The Representation of Making in Urban Form
Murali Ramaswami and Llewellyn Siebold

Doré After London
Wayne Michael Charney

Vacant Lots Proposal
Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

Four Museums + a Monument
Kansas City Academic Program

Madison Square Garden Site Redevelopment
Thomas Phifer

Emerald City
Daniel Soloman and Susan Haviland

The Seaside Story
Robert Davis

Design for Sustainability at Seaside
Gary Coates

The Window and the Door
Fourth Year Architecture Studio

Building as an Urban Machine
Vladimir Krstic

Adaptive Reuse
Fifth Year Interior Architecture Studio

60 pages, black & white, color illustrations. Out of print.
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