Volume 25, 2003

Matthew Benfer, Amelia Nelson and Mike Stofiel, Editors

Situational Domesticity
Plexus R + D

Steel House
Alan Purvis

Viejo House
Mathias Klotz

Between Land and Sky
Stephen Atkinson and William T. Willoughby

A Message from the Desert
Luis Ibarra and Teresa Rosano

New Suburbanism

Todd Hido and Peter Smith

Villa KBWW

Three Houses That Are Three Ideas
Alberto Campo Baeza

Case Study House
Ply Architecture

Two Houses
Joseph N. Biondo

A House in the Trees
Marlon Blackwell

Glass House
Ogawa/Depardon Architects

gilbertBARKER Pod
El Dorado Inc

In Search of the Jolly Green Giant
Lawrence Scarpa

Taylor House
Frank Harmon

LV Home
Rocio Romero

Transferable Living Unit
Jay Siebenmorgen

Beyond Envisioning
FACE Design

The Softbag
Rainer Pirker

Regionalism, Position, Expression
Johnathen Day

Lexton MacCarthy Residence
Lorcan O'Herlihy

Talking Houses
Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

112 pages; black & white and color illustrations. Out of print.
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