Volume 28, 2006
Beyond Aesthetics

Nicole Ellis, Jason Fedak and Gabe McKee, Editors

Building to Learn/Learning to Build
Sergio Palleroni

A Church in Filadelfia, Costa Rica
Jae Cha

Trailer Wrap
Michael Hughes and Bruce Wrightsman

Constructed Landscape
Michael Hughes

Paper Tube Emergency Shelters
Shigeru Ban

Recycling the Margins
Shannon Criss

Vacillations Between Discrete and Ecological Thinking
Stephen Luoni

Present to Future
Larry Bowne and Patrick Rhodes

The Bat Signal
Bryan Bell

Architecture Held Suspect
Dan Pitera

Free Shelter
The Mad Housers

House of Dance and Feathers
Project Locus

Onward and Upward

62 pages; black & white and color illustrations. Out of print.
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