Volume 34, 2012

Annie Robinson and Bo Steadman, Editors

Disciplinary Thievery
Mason White/Lateral Office

Mind the Gap
Jane Hall and Giles Smith/Assemble

Inhabiting Infrastructure
Marion Weiss and Michael A. Manfredi/Weiss/Manfredi

Broadcast Territories
Sam Jacob/FAT

Power Pylon
Bystrup Architecture, Design, and Engineering

Hydroelectric Power Station
Michael Becker, Franz G. Schröck, and Bernhard Kast/Becker Architekten

Adaptive Infrastructure: Landscape As an Armature for Adaptation
An Interview with Kristina Hill

An Architecture of Change
Richard Olcott/Ennead Architects

Unlooping the Loop
David Dowell/el dorado inc

The Public Work: Redefining the Standard for an Urban Society
Timothy de Noble

The Interoperative
Adriaan Geuze and Matthew Skjonsberg/West 8 Urban Design and Architecture

78 pages; color and black & white illustrations



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