Volume 35, 2013
Public Interest Architecture

Nathan Geier and Sandi Lam, Editors

Architecture's Direct Impact
Holly Jacobson and Alan Ricks

Radical Incrementalism: An Open Letter in Defence of the Small
Dan Etheridge and Emilie Taylor

Where We Stand
Mike Newman and Rashmi Ramaswamy

Principles for Integration: Learning from Public Interest Design
Jill Sornson Kurtz

Re-Considering the Unity of Architecture and Human Well-Being
Susanne Siepl-Coates

Engaging Haiti: How Designers Facilitate Long-Term Disaster Recovery
Karl Johnson and Stacey McMahan

Reclaiming Urban Settings: A Community-Based Public Space
Bedour Ahmed and Basil Kamel

Less Is More: A Vision Rethought for the 21st Century
Beat Kämpfen

Towards a Cultural Value of Design and Democracy
Bryan Bell

Forging a New York City Practice Rooted in a Social Agenda
Kimberly Murphy and Claire Webb

Flexible Design and the Role of the User in House Design
Javier Sanchez

In Praise of Getting Lost: Sven Hedlin and the Lowline
James Ramsey

84 pages; color and black & white illustrations



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