Volume 40, 2018

Christian Berger, Jason Jirele, and Jeremy Migneco, Editors

The Photos You Don’t Take, Stay with You Forever
Driely S.

Tom Leader

Larry Bell

Authenticity and Values
Fran Silvestre

Sculpting Public Space
Janet Echelman

Activating Architecture
Ben van Berkel

Authentic Space
Elizabeth Turk

An Interview with Fuensanta Nieto
Fuensanta Nieto

The Joys and Challenges of Stickworking
Patrick Dougherty

The Material Inquiry of Construction
Lawrence Scarpa

Li Hui
Phil Zheng Cai

Real Fake
Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann Ray

Building between Tides
Julie Brook

The Case for an Authentic Growth
Yen Ong

Context from Place
Peter Alexander

Six Sites
Stanley Saitowitz

A Tribute of 4 x 10 Meters
Vanessa Beecroft

Communicating with the Other 99%
FOOD New York

Do Ho Suh
Sarah Newman

Spatial Inquiry
Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo

92 pages; color and black & white illustrations



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