Volume 42, 2020

Marilina Bedros, Jaasiel Duarte-Terrazas, and Solomon Renfro, Editors

An Open Letter to the Editors
Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Personal Expression
Roxana Alvarez-Marti

After the Fact
Victoria Samburnis

Building Images
Jonathan Louie and Nicole McIntosh, Architecture Office

Building Style: A Short Argument for Fashionable Architecture
Aaron Betsky

Good for Denim
Nathan Schultz

Some Thoughts about Our Design Process in the Addition and Renovations of the Denver Art Museum
Jorge Silvetti

In Which Style Shall We Build? Overheard Conversations

The Whole Story
Jim Jennings

Painting up the Side of Everest
Clint Eccher

Rudolph Style
Sean Khorsandi and Dan Webre

The Martian
Sylvia Hardy

The Style of Our Discontent
Mark Foster Gage

60 pages; color and black & white illustrations



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