Volume 12, 1990

Memory and Architecture

Karl Puljak and Daniel Herr, Editors
Mike Schnaare, Assistant Editor

The Writing of Architecture: Mnemosyne and the Wax Tablet

Jeffrey Hildner

Remembering Essentials

Stuart E. Cohen

Architecture, Memory and the Idea of Nature

Norman Crowe

(Almost) Square with the World

Donald J. Watts and Carol Martin Watts

Type, Memory, and Meaningful Form

Wendy Ornelas

Pragmatic Memory

Mark Mack

Architecture as Memory

Elefthrios Pavlides

"What Time Is It?"

Hugh Hardy

The Architecture We Remember: The Real and the Meditated

Lisa R. Findley

The Mnemonic Functions of Physics Wall

Kent C. Bloomer


Ralph J. Roesling

The Negative Mirror and Critical Memory

Paul Armstrong

Present Tense

Lebbeus Woods

Fragments of Memory

Michael Woods

Project for the Architecture of Transition

Fifth Year Architecture Studio

Beyond Metaphor

Hiroshi Hara

Mythos, Memory and Utopian Visions

Ralph Johnson


Christian Bergum

Beginnings: An Introduction to Form Generation

Studio 319 Willard

Tower of Silence

George Ranalli

Memory and Simultaneity in Post-History

Mockbee Coker Howorth, Architects

Two on the Field: Critical Sitings

Xavier Navarro

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