Volume 13, 1991

Thirteen / 13

Kevin C. Heath, Sukhwant S. Jhaj, and Christopher Mitchell, Editors
Chet Lockard and Scott Staub, Assistant Editors

Thirteen; Stones around the Fire; the Threshold: Myth and Discourse on the Genesis of Architecture

James Samuel Jones

Triskaidekaphobia and Colonial American Land Development

Diane Wilk Shirvani

Beyond Modernism

Ted Spivey

The Stones of Cuzco

Annie Chu and Rick Gooding

Das Neue Bauen and the Notion of A-Perspective Space

Uwe Drost

Alchemical Transformation: Building into Architecture

Ellen Dunham-Jones and Jude LeBlanc

Port of Los Angeles

Frank Israel

Architectural Meditations

Anurag Nema

A Deciphering of a Wonderful Cipher

Marco Frascari


Richard Peterson

Architect As Shaman

Robert Condia

Arrival to the City

Scott Arford, Neil Cristal, Michael Dean, Christopher Mitchell, and Doug Shaffer

The Concreteness of the Invisible

Fifth Year Architectureal Design Studio

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