Volume 15, 1993


Scott Gales, Tim Hossler and Jeffrey Prose, Editors

Notes: Re: Constitution

Wes Jones

A New Federal Capital for Germany

Andrew Zago

The Way to the Stars

Michael Webb

Re: American Dream

Central Office of Architecture

Indiscrete Exposure

Catherine M.C. Closet

The Grit and Grist of Thinking...

Ben Nicholson

...The Unthinkable House

Ben Nicholson

Architecture as a Medium of Exchange

Michael Rotondi

Recent Work: Cultural Excavations

Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich

Artificial Life—Artificial Personality

Ken Kaplan and Ted Krueger

The Part, the Whole, the Art of the Starns

Edward Weisberger and Doug and Mike Starn

A Study Within

1992 Italian Studies Program

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