Volume 16, 1994


Chris DeGuentz and James Gordon, Editors

A Place for Healing the Earth and the Body

Alberto Pérez-Gómez

A New Royal Library and the Waterfront, Copenhagen

Dagmar Richter


Michael Sorkin

Wild Walls: Domus Linea Insecare as Dreamt by Scogin, Elam and Bray

D.S. Friedman

Dancing on Ruins: The Allegorical Architecture of IOOA

Henry Urbach

The Carpenter's Apprentice

David Bell

Building within the Continuum

Victoria Meyers

Architectural Identity and the Portable Building

Robert Kronenburg

Water Temple

Tadao Ando

Uncovering and Interpreting

Student Work

Simulator Sickness and Spectacular Destruction: Survival Research Laboratory's Theater of Operations

Mark Dery

64 pages, black & white, color illustrations. Out of print. Download individual articles from our digital archives at the New Prairie Press by clicking the links below.