Volume 22, 2000

The Frame

Chris Fein and Kevin Wineinger, Editors
Joshua Bender, Assistant Editor

From Frame to Framing

Juhani Pallasmaa

Jaguar Dealership

Enrique Norten

The Swiss School of Engineering for the Wood Industry

Marcel Meili and Markus Peter

Natural Abstraction

Emmanuelle and Laurent Beaudouin

Connemara West Centre

O'Donnell and Tuomey Architects

Repetition and the Frame

Jennifer Yoos with Vincent James

Current Projects

Alice Aycock

Crematorium Baumschulenweg

Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank

Sometimes a Colonnade Is Just a Porch

Thomas L. Schumacher

At the Edge · In the Frame

Marlon Blackwell

62 pages, black & white and color illustrations. Out of print. Download individual articles from our digital archives at the New Prairie Press by clicking the link below.