Volume 24, 2002

The City As a Natural Machine

Joshua Bender and Matthew Benfer, Editors
Kendra Kirchmer, Associate Editor

Big Horn Medicine Wheel: Ghost Town and Natural Machine of the Gods

Don Steir

Los Angeles: One Domestic Viewpoint

Annie Chu and Rick Gooding

Architecture, the City, and Nature: Part and Whole?

David Leatherbarrow

City Limits

Frederick Steiner

Detournement (Experimental Diversion)

Mas Yendo

Project: UL9205

Mas Yendo

The Landscape of a Building

Susan Weiler

The Sedimentation of an Architect

Matthius Altwicker

White Temple

Takashi Yamaguchi

Resi-Rise Skyscraper

Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald

60 pages; black & white illustrations. Out of print. Download individual articles from our digital archives at the New Prairie Press by clicking on the link below.