Volume 3, 1981

Dixie Roberts Junk and Robert P. Junk, Editors
Kelly Kerns and Ken Zuber, Assistant Editors

Bagels, Shish ka-bobs, Waffles and Salads: A Menu of Plan Types

Richard Pohlman

The Future of Architecture: Another Episode in Cultural History or the Return of the Object?

David Howard Bell

Dockland Transformation: Adaptive Reuse of the Free Trade Wharf, River Thames, London

Gordon Ashworth

On the House

Bob Burnham

The Architecture of Charisma: Successor to Modernism

Thomas L. Clark

A Museum Addition for a University

Thomas Lance Braht

The Manhattan Bugle

Linda Brooks-Pilling

Inner Suburban Housing

Ken Zuber

A Boat Yard

Steve Johnson

The Pittsburg Project: Graduate Community/Urban Design—Historic Preservation Studio

Chris Meinhardt

Cottonwood Racquet Club

James E. Blochberger

On Art and Architecture

Michael Grandy

A Visitors' Center at the Washington Monument

Jeff Cutberth

A House for Three Generations and a Private Museum

Therese G. Cermak

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