Volume 45, 2023


Samuel Carlson, JoBeth Hancock, Abigail Hutchinson

Sombra de Sante Fe

Cade Hayes and Jesus Robles / DUST

There Are Romantics, and There There Are Romantics

Mick Charney

The Digital in Architecture

Giorgia Lupi and Phil Cox

A Conversation

Michael Meredith ( MOS) and the Oz Editors

Four Indulgences

Michael Cadwell

Beauty in Imperfection

Alex Hogrefe

The Romance of Light: Fictitious Simplicity in a Small Project

Vincent Snyder

Of Memory and Immanence Finding Romance in the Space of Translation

Kory Beighle

A Dream of Communion

Suchi Reddy

Aleatoric Collaborations - Leaving Space for Chance

Jules Dingle

The Ineffable Poetics of Decrepitude

Harry Teague