Volume 5, 1983

The House

Katherine R. Bozoian, Editor
Barbara Anderson, Assistant Editor

The Houses of My Time

Bob Burnham

Two Houses: Tucson, Arizona

William C. Miller

Exploring Elevations: Saint Louis, Missouri

Richard W. Pohlman

Modernization and the Fireplace in Eressos, A Greek Rural Town

Eleftherios Pavlides

The House of Composite Memory

Richard Findley

Fay Jones' Stoneflower: Eden Isle, Arkansas

Richard W. Longstreth

Richmond Hill House: Richmond, California

Thomas Gordon Smith

"Be It Ever So Humble..."

Jennifer Clements

Three Places, Three Houses

William Turnbull

New Lessons from an Old Park

Gerald Allen and William Hubbard

The Byland House, A Solar Monticello: Fayette, Missouri

James McCullar

A Tale of Two Duchies: An Architectural Primer

Bob Burnham and William C. Miller

Temple of Identity

Ken Swihart

Prairie Avenue Housing

Paul Wilhelms

Brush Creek: A Design Proposal

Frank Horton

Images of a House

Christine Czyzewski

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