Volume 6, 1984


Linda Hall, Editor
Jonathan R. Knight, Assistant Editor

The Developing Sense of Place

Bette Tryon and Walt Tryon

Towards a Phenomenology of Place and Place-Making

Gary J. Coates and David Seamon

The Battersea Power Station: Use and Reuse

Neil Jackson

Midwest Postcards/Landscape Images

Robert Z. Melnick

Seven Connected Propositions for Those Who Make Places

Llewellyn Seibold

Arctic Centre

William C. Miller and Gregory A. Yager

Grids on the Port of Saint Francis

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Project for the 1992 Chicago World's Fair

Stuart Cohen and Anders Nereim

Some Observations on Santa Maria in Campo Marzio

David H. Bell

White River Park

Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff Architects, Engineers & Planners

Longfellow Redevelopment

Amy Fountain and Robert Frye

Fiat Corporation Conference Center

Annette R. Haflich

Central Square

Thomas Knittle

The Scandinavian Trade Center

Daryl S. Rantis

The Midcoast Regional Theater

Joseph Sirkovich

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