Volume 8, 1986

American Landscape

Mark E. Chaney and David R. Hecht, Editors
Jerry J. Morgan and Traci Ferrell, Assistant Editors

Evolving Landscapes

Peter Goin

A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time

John B. Jackson

Object and Landscape

Lawrence Speck

Idea vs. Icon: Two Competitions

Michael Dennis, Jeffrey Clark and Associates

American Gardens and their European Precedents

Joanna Lombard

Prairie Urbanism

Garth Rockcastle

The American Garden: Two Divergent Paths

Patrick Mooney

For a Landscape Architecture

Martin Price

Scale, Patriotism and Fun

Karal Ann Marling

Big Things for Big Cities

Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown

Desert Rituals/Campus Rituals

Antoine Predock

Trains, Windmills and Sand

Bob Burnham and Ray Streeter

Architecture as Place Making

Steven Downen, Stanley Koehn, Douglas Pierce, and Daryl Rantis

Eagle Mountain Observatory

Mark Banholzer

A Crematorium Complex

Design Five Studio

Saint Anna Marie's Convent

Dan Himmelberg

A Camp for the New Boston Cooperative

Russell Hamlet

Price House

David Sain

Structure in the Landscape

Peter Goin


Dale A. Bryant

66 pages, black & white, color illustrations. Out of print. Download individual articles from our digital archives at the New Prairie Press by clicking on the link below.